HSE Policy

Advance Geo Solutions establishes and maintains HSE objectives to reflect the company’s short and long-term targets. These objectives provide direction for setting targets and are articulated each year in the annual sustainable development report. HSE objectives that will be close future include:

  • Obtaining ISO 9001:2015 , 18001 certification
  • Elimination of accidents and incidents through provisions of safety education and training of employees.
  • Provision of a safe and healthy working environment at all times for all employees, contractors and visitor.
  • React to changes in working conditions to make personnel aware of changes and provide necessary training.
  • Investigate all circumstances surrounding all accidents and incidents for CONTRACTOR and contractors’ personnel.
  • Prevent occupational diseases and harmful effects on the health of employees arising from employment / construction activities.
  • Establish appropriate control and audit measures.

AGS has developed company training policy and we provide periodical trainings to our employees. New employed personnel and visitors are introduced with the company policy statement, site rules, HSE requirements and emergency procedures through safety inductions. Hardcopies of safety policy handed to new workers when employed and its implementation discussed with all employees when issued. Additional safety and professional trainings are provided for all personnel to refresh and strengthen their knowledge and competence of safety and work commitment. Hardcopies of HSE policy statement are provided on place at work sites and offices to the attention of all our employees and visitors.

Company policy will be communicated through:

  • Staff briefings;
  • Team briefings;
  • Management meetings;
  • Staff notice boards.

To distribute QHSE policy to the contractors, subcontractors and suppliers copies of HSE Policy Statement to be provided to each company. QHSE Policy Statement is available for Contractors and Client employees in different languages.

During the communication process particular emphasis will be placed on:

  • The company’s commitment to quality, health and safety;
  • The main aims of the company;
  • The responsibilities of employees to co-operate and work safety;
  • Contents of the policy such as safe working procedures etc.

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