Hazard Survey for SWAP 3D

Hazard Survey for “3D seismic investigation of SWAP” project has been successfully conducted from December 2015 to November 2016 for Geokinetics and BP Azerbaijan. This project was unique in its complexity and scope. In the Caspian Sea, such enormous sections of the seabed had never been investigated before. Total project area amounted to 1450 sq. km. Survey boats covered the distance more than 30 000 km for 3383 hours. The task was extremely challenging due to unprecedented number of navigation hazards such as banks, sunken and uncovering rocks, frameworks of collapsed drilling platforms, piers and power lines. During the project implementation over 37 000 underwater objects were detected and identified. The task was particularly difficult as survey was conducted from the water line in the extremely shallow water. Efficient planning and systematic analysis of potential hazards were key factors and enabled to avoid any accidents during the project implementation. For 10 months our specialists worked 24/7. Successful night survey under severe navigation and weather conditions proved the efficiency of technical solutions, HSE system and professional excellence of the team.

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