About us

Advanced Geo Solutions was established in 2014 by a group of young, highly qualified engineers to meet increasing survey requirements of Caspian Basin. Recent studies showed strong demand and high potential of investigation and development of near shore waters and coastal onshore areas of the Caspian Sea and availability of oil and gas resources in these regions. Due to that Caspian countries are involved in designing and implementation of a number of projects on exploration and development of deposits both in shallow waters and transition area of the Caspian Sea.

Our Company specializes in this field as our leading specialists enjoy vast experience in this unique, complicated but interesting and challenging sector. We have already implemented a large number of projects related to hydrographic, hazard, geophysical and geodetic surveys for oil prospecting, construction and development of ports and other marine infrastructure. Also, we have realized many onshore projects. Our company performed a range of topographical surveys and geodetic monitoring of construction of complicated engineering structures using advanced high technologies. Advanced Geo Solutions possesses the whole range of equipment and experienced specialists required to perform such surveys.

Our Company seeks to remain up-to-date with evolving technologies and complies with international engineering standards and due to that Advanced Geo Solutions is an official representative and distributor of engineering and research equipment and software of a number of global leading manufacturers such as TELEDYNE MARINE, MICROSURVEY, SCAN&GO, POINTCAB, DUTCH WORKBOATS and some others. Advanced Geo Solutions provides the whole range of equipment supply services, starting from delivery, assembly and commissioning of the equipment to training of the personnel, maintenance and technical support.

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