Hydrography and Geophysics:

Advanced Geo Solutions offers a vast range of services on hydrographic and geophysical survey in the Caspian Sea and inland basins of lakes, rivers and water reservoirs. Our professional team ensures the ability to meet strict deadlines, reliability and efficiency and performs all the works in strict compliance with all international standards. We provide various services including the following:

  • Digital survey and 3D modelling of seafloor with single beam and multibeam echo sounders;
  • Hydrographic support of dredging and marine construction works;
  • Volume calculation of dredging and excavation ;
  • Overall survey for location of obstructions on the seabed using side scan sonar and sub bottom profiler;
  • Search and mapping of sunk vessels, shipwreck and underwater objects with side scan sonars;
  • Survey and inspection of underwater pipelines and cable routes;
  • Determination of velocity and direction of local sea currents,measurement of water salinity;
  • Underwater archaeological survey.

Traditional Topography:

High-precision surveying includes acquisition of digital information about the objects, digital and graphic mapping. Computerized data acquisition and efficient software substantially reduce the time required for data processing and significantly shorten the project delivery time. Our experts perform topographic surveys for landscape, construction and engineering projects.

Our services cover the following spheres:

  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Monitoring and inspection

Laser Scanning

AGS possesses relevant equipment, software and skills necessary to perform 3D laser survey. We offer both static and dynamic scanning. The equipment can be installed on ground vehicles as well as on small boats. One of the advantages of laser survey for marine infrastructure measurements is the possibility to enhance the underwater survey and to reproduce the entire 3D structure of the facility.

Potential areas of application:

  • Topographic survey of areas with restrained urban conditions
  • Digital modeling of complex technological facilities for the purpose of reconstruction    and monitoring
  • Monitoring of projects under construction
  • Restoration of historical and cultural landmarks
  • Measuring of excavated bulk material volumes
  • Emergency prevention and response measures


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